User Permissions and Audit History

Clarity and Control

It's now easier than ever to control who can access portals and what they are allowed to do with them. You have full control over your portals, including setting permissions like uploading, deleting and renaming files in a portal. Additionally, a complete audit history log is available of every action taken in any particular portal so there will never be any question about who accessed which files where and how without your knowledge.

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You should have instant access to see who has what access to which portal and ensure documents are safe and under control. Portals can be set as "Private" to disallow team members from having access by default and every action is meticulously logged in the portal audit history. Easily review every time a portal was opened, a file was previewed, your client updated a file, filled out a PDF form, or watched a video. If you want to be alerted to any portal activity, email notifications can also be enabled to keep you informed in realtime.


Britt L. Stouffer, Esq.
Managing Partner, Stouffer Legal
ZAPA has made a MAJOR impact.

We've seen a major drop in support calls from our clients asking how to upload a file or download their documents. Highly recommend!

Sarah Smith
Developer @
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