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Zapa Client Portal provides secure file sharing and tracking document requests for Accountants and Attorneys.

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Client Portals for Attorneys

We help attorneys serve clients faster without getting stuck gathering information.

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Client Portals for Accountants

Quickly gather the documentation you need throughout the tax season.

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Let’s face it, you don’t have time to call every client and remind them to upload the files you need. But with ZAPA self-service client portals you can assign Tasks, File Requests and more to your clients and send them automated email reminders to keep them on track.

Your clients will see a clear list of the information and documents you need from them with simple due dates so they know exactly what to do next.

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Zapa is the perfect solution for busy professionals who need to stay organized and efficient. With our secure self-service portal, both you and your clients can access their files whenever they need them. This eliminates the hassle of searching through email inboxes or computer folders for lost files.

Plus, with features like upload notifications, audit history, and file previews, you can be sure that servicing your clients is a breeze.

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We hear you… between the printing, scanning, 3rd party signing apps with some kind of template… it’s just too much! Zapa's Enterprise Tier has you covered with fillable PDFs and e-signatures all built into the file preview. You can upload any PDF and have your clients type their information and sign it within minutes!

Zapa also supports PDF Fillable Form Fields for gathering structured data that you can use with your own business processes.

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Zapa provides a customized portal branding experience for your business that allows clients to access their files in something clearly that belongs to you. Your customers should never have the concern of an unfamiliar third party provider who is communicating directions and assistance with their data management needs.

The Zapa Client Portal brand takes a back seat as your company's logo becomes front-and-center when uploading your assets in accordance with our branding guidelines.

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Fear not… there is no app needed! Any phone browser will do, just ask your clients to open their portal and click the Upload button. They will be prompted to choose between their Camera or a File off the phone. This way they can take a picture of what you need faster than ever! (Maybe they’ll even stop trying to text you)

Zapa Client Portals also supports uploading videos directly from a camera phone in case you need more than a photo or document.

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Zapa was designed from the ground up to be the most user-friendly, secure, and hassle-free file sharing platform on earth.

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Our platform stands out from the rest for 3 simple reasons like:

Custom Branding
Secure & Effective
Easy To Use
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Custom Branding
Reassure clients they are in the right place by displaying your company logo on every page and email.
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Secure & Effective
No more zipping and compressing. Share large files without hassle, and with bank-level security.
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Easy To Use
Intuitive user interface that every client, no matter their age, can understand and easily use.

Using Zapa is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

That's it. It really is that simple!

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What others say about Zapa

"Zapa saved us from the complicated portals and unclear user invitations of our prior solution. It's been a major impact to our operational efficiency saving time sending files to our clients. We've also seen a major drop in support calls from our clients asking how to upload a file or download their documents. Highly recommend!"

Stouffer Legal

"I had been searching for a way to send large files back and forth to my patients and staff, with no size limitations, for a reasonable monthly/yearly price, that was ALSO HIPPA compliant. Needless to say, there were not many options that fit the bill. Then I came upon Zapa Portals and the clouds parted and the angels started to sing! I had found exactly what I was looking for! Zapa Portals checked all of my boxes and then some! The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The storage capabilities are awesome and I love that you can access/view your documents and videos within the portal WITHOUT having to download them and take up space on your own device."

Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center

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Plans start at $65/mo. Cancel anytime.