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Effortlessly manage client documents with Zapa's automated file requests and document management. Say goodbye to chasing missing files and enjoy secure sharing. Simplify your work flow today!

Take Control of Your Business

Welcome to Zapa! We are the innovative file-sharing portal designed to revolutionize how you handle client document requests. Set your file requests and due dates, and let Zapa take care of the rest. From tracking submissions to sending automated reminders, we ensure document management no longer drains your valuable time.

With us, manual tracking and follow-up calls are a thing of the past. The platform's intelligent automation handles it all. That frees you up to focus on providing exceptional service. Enjoy full visibility and control as Zapa tracks submissions and monitors progress, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty.

Rest easy knowing your files are secure with our robust security measures. Trust in our commitment to confidentiality and data protection. Reclaim your time, enhance efficiency, and improve client satisfaction with Zapa. Embrace the future of effortless document handling today.

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Take Control of Your Business

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Transform Your Practice With Zapa

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Transform Your Practice With Zapa

Zapa is a secure and comprehensive file-sharing portal specifically designed for attorneys and accountants. By entrusting Zapa with document collection and reminders, you can focus on serving your clients effectively and efficiently. Improve your billable realization rate while providing seamless document management.

With us, you can also break free from the endless cycle of document requests, follow-ups, and lost productivity. Zapa streamlines your document handling, making it a breeze. Now you can finally prioritize what truly matters —serving your clients and growing your practice.

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Key Features

Automated Reminders

Say goodbye to manual follow-ups and missed deadlines. Zapa takes care of tracking all your file requests and sends automated reminders to both you and your clients. You can stay on top of document collection effortlessly. This helps to save time and ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Simple Login

We understand that technology can sometimes pose challenges for older clients. That's why we've made the login process simple and user-friendly.
Older clients can easily access their accounts by entering a unique email code. This eliminates any login complexities and ensures smooth user experiences for clients of all ages.

Embrace the convenience, security, and efficiency of Zapa today.

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Discover the Benefits

Increased Productivity

Zapa's automated document management streamlines your workflow. This allows you to allocate more time towards billable tasks and boost your productivity.

Improved Client Satisfaction

With Zapa's seamless document access and clear communication, clients will experience a heightened level of satisfaction. This helps lead to stronger relationships and repeat business.

Peace of Mind

Trust in Zapa's secure sharing, automated reminders, and easy access features to handle your document management efficiently. We provide you with peace of mind and free up mental energy for other important aspects of your practice.

How It Works


Paste Requested Documents

Copy and paste your clients' document list into Zapa's user-friendly portal, effortlessly communicating your requirements.


Set a Due Date

Specify the document submission deadline in Zapa, ensuring clear expectations and task prioritization for clients.


Email Notifications

Zapa automatically notifies clients via email about the requested documents, providing clear instructions for their next steps.


Track Progress Bars

Monitor document progress through intuitive progress bars in Zapa's interface. You are able to easily track the status of each submission.


Get Upload Notifications

Zapa notifies you once requested files are uploaded, eliminating manual tracking and chasing for missing documents. We streamline the entire process for you.

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See What Our Clients Say About the Client Portal

Our secure file-sharing services are transforming real people and businesses, but don't take our word for it. See what our happy clients have today.

Stouffer Legal

"Zapa saved us from the complicated portals and unclear user invitations of our prior solution. It's been a major impact to our operational efficiency saving time sending files to our clients. We've also seen a major drop in support calls from our clients asking how to upload a file or download their documents. Highly recommend!"

Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center

I had been searching for a way to send large files back and forth to my patients and staff, with no size limitations, for a reasonable monthly/yearly price, that was ALSO HIPPA compliant. Needless to say, there were not many options that fit the bill. Then I came upon Zapa Portals and the clouds parted and the angels started to sing! I had found exactly what I was looking for! Zapa Portals checked all of my boxes and then some! The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The storage capabilities are awesome and I love that you can access/view your documents and videos within the portal WITHOUT having to download them and take up space on your own device

Jessica B.

Clients are able to upload personal files, download files, sign and reupload authorizations. The ability to set permissions for each end user is very important and easy. Clients enjoy the ability to have tasks (electronic To-Do list) and to close them as they complete them.

Lilliana A.

I use ZAPA Portal everyday. As a paralegal, it is critical that we have a software to securely share sensitive documents with our clients and third parties. This software allows me to drag and drop, upload with ease, large attachments. The security of this site protects our clients and gives everyone peace of mind. It is also very user friendly, so clients can easily learn to use this software. I would recommend ZAPA Portal to any business looking for a reliable software to share and store files.

Michelle B.

Excellent secure portal.

Morgan B.

Zapa is very user-friendly. Individuals of all ages find this software very safe and secure to use to upload documents such as legal ones.

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Can I try Zapa before paying?

Absolutely, we offer a 30 day free trial on all of our plans. Cancel at anytime worry free!


Does Zapa charge me for each Employee?

We DO NOT, we noticed that competitors charge per business seat. We wanted to remove that barrier, you can create as many team members for your business as you want! And your clients of course pay nothing!


What if My Clients Aren't Tech-Savvy?

We've designed Zapa with simplicity in mind. This ensures that even clients with limited technical knowledge can easily log in and access their documents by entering a straightforward email code.


How Easy Is It to Transfer Existing Documents to Zapa?

With our user-friendly bulk upload feature, transferring all your existing documents to Zapa is a breeze. All that's required is a few simple clicks to streamline your document management process.

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