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Customized portal window on blue and purple backdrop.New in Zapa Client Portals - December 2020 Release Notes

Zapa introduces Customizable Guest Invitation Emails, Notification to Clio Matter Email, Branded Guest Login Page, Show Deleted Files, File Comments and more.

Zapa Client Portal Features

Easy for Customers

Zapa Client Portal illustration showing a Shared File Portal

You shouldn't be the support department for a complicated solution. Give your clients a file portal that is intuitive and easy to use. Eliminate those frustrated clients calls having issues with logging in, not understanding where their files are or what they are looking at.

File Activity Notifications

Zapa Client Portal illustration showing Portal Notification Subscription settings.

Zapa Client Portal enables notifications to alert you or your guest whenever a new file has been uploaded or downloaded. Notifications can also support integration with CRM platforms or practice management systems such as Clio or Practice Panther using the unique matter email id assigned to a client.

Custom Portal Branding

Zapa Client Portal illustration of a custom branded login page

Build confidence with total control over messages sent to your clients and the corporate logo branding of their client portal. Your customers should feel like they are logging into something that belongs to you, not an unfamiliar third party. When you upload your company's logo, the Zapa Client Portal brand takes a back seat and your company takes over.

Unlimited Team Members

Zapa Client Portal with illustration of Member Management

We found that many solutions available in the marketplace rapidly expanded in price by the amount of employees logins you wanted to grant access to. Pricing can hide behind the veil of "per user per month, but upon looking more closely you have to buy a minimum of 5 'seats' or more. This can quickly become a very unreasonable rate during the growth phase of a typical small business. With Zapa, we encourage transparency and audit-ability by providing unlimited team member accounts at no additional cost with any plan beyond the "Starter" plan.

Secure Client Portal

Zapa Client Portal showing illustration of security modal

Client File Portal is designed from the ground up to be a secure digital place you can keep sensitive data in. Zapa provide password-protected private portals to host files transferred between a professional and their clients. Zapa Client Portals utilizes the power of Amazon Web Services to provide you a fast, secure solution to protect your customers data and keep their mind at ease. Only users invited to a specific portal can access its contents. With granular access management you can directly control what guests can and can not do on an individual basis. This access control along with a complete audit history of every portal means your data is safe and secure on Zapa.