Zapa Client Portals September 2021 Updates
New Features

What's New?

Check out our latest release note and new features:

September Update - Portal Improvements!

Now you can Pin Favorite Portals, add Terms & Conditions for your Guests, and Link a Portal to any URL!


Zapa Client Portal Features

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Your clients don't have time to mess around with a complicated portal and don't want to be forced to download yet another app. ZAPA works anywhere, any time, on any device. With File Preview they can browse PDF files, stream video files, or listen to audio files. On mobile devices your clients can upload camera photos or take video with the click of a button. Our mission is to make it seamless for you to gather the information you need to service your clients faster.

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Tasks & File Requests

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to call every client and remind them to upload the files you need. But with ZAPA self-service client portals you can assign Tasks, File Requests and more to your clients and send them automated email reminders to keep them on track. Your clients will see a clear list of the information and documents you need from them with simple due dates so they know exactly what to do next.


One Location for all Client Files

When your client can access their own files at any time with a secure self-service portal, you can be free to focus on your most important work. Reducing simple requests, automating tasks such as sending a copy of a file to your client or verifying that they send you a specific request can make all the difference during a busy season or tight deadline. With simple and effective automation such as self-service client portals, you can scale your business with less need to hire additional help.


Mobile Camera Document Upload

Fear not… there is no app needed! Any phone browser will do, just ask your clients to open their portal and click the Upload button. They will be prompted to choose between their Camera or a File off the phone. This way they can take a picture of what you need faster than ever! (Maybe they’ll even stop trying to text you)

Zapa Client Portals also supports uploading videos directly from a camera phone in case you need more than a photo or document.


PDF e-Signatures & Forms

We hear you… between the printing, scanning, 3rd party signing apps with some kind of template… it’s just too much! Zapa Client Enterprise Portals have you covered with fillable PDFs and e-signatures all built into the file preview.

You can upload any PDF and have your clients type their information and sign it within minutes! Zapa also supports PDF Fillable Form Fields for gathering structured data that you can use with your own business processes.


Custom Branding

Zapa provides a customized portal branding experience for your business that allows clients to access their files in something clearly that belongs to you. Your customers should never have the concern of an unfamiliar third party provider who is communicating directions and assistance with their data management needs. The Zapa Client Portal brand takes a back seat as your company's logo becomes front-and-center when uploading your assets in accordance with our branding guidelines.


File Preview

ZAPA allows you to preview files in the browser which allows you to view documents without having to download them. You can take the time out of downloading files and instead, calmly gander at PDFs, videos, or images with just a quick glance. This allows you to gather critical information within or about your files quickly saving you time that can be spent on other tasks.


User Permissions and Audit History

It's now easier than ever to control who can access portals and what they are allowed to do with them. You have full control over your portals, including setting permissions like uploading, deleting and renaming files in a portal. Additionally, a complete audit history log is available of every action taken in any particular portal so there will never be any question about who accessed which files where and how without your knowledge.