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Securely sign documents in seconds

Our PDF Signatures feature allows attorneys and paralegals to securely sign and send documents to clients during virtual consultations. With password-less login, clients can sign PDF documents in seconds, removing the need for lengthy email exchanges and reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Our PDF Signatures feature is designed to streamline the process of getting signed engagement letters and other important documents from clients. With our e-Signature and Forms feature, professionals such as accountants, attorneys and paralegals can easily upload and send documents to clients, who can sign them securely and quickly using our password-less login system.

As a professional, you have to manage getting clients to sign important documents during virtual consultations.


  • Lengthy email exchanges to get documents signed
  • Delays and errors due to manual signing and scanning of documents
  • Risk of documents being lost or stolen during transmission
  • Difficulty in tracking the status of signed documents

We're here to help:

  • Securely sign and send documents in seconds during virtual consultations
  • Reduce the risk of errors and delays with our password-less login system
  • Ensure the security and privacy of documents with our secure client portal
  • Easily track the status of signed documents in our portal


  • Faster turnaround time for signed documents
  • Improved client satisfaction with streamlined signing process
  • Reduced risk of errors and delays in the signing process
  • Increased security and privacy for important documents

With Zapa you can:

  • Engage clients faster with our PDF Signature feature
  • Streamline the virtual consultation process and remove sales objections
  • Increase client satisfaction and referrals by providing a secure and efficient signing process
  • Reduce time and effort spent on administrative tasks related to signing documents


Zapa customer profile image
Britt L. Stouffer, Esq.
Managing Partner, Stouffer Legal
ZAPA has made a MAJOR impact.

We've seen a major drop in support calls from our clients asking how to upload a file or download their documents. Highly recommend!

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