Streamline your accounting practice with a client portal: 5 benefits for tax season and beyond


Zapa helps accountants exchange documents and information with their clients easily and securely. It can also help them stay organized and work more efficiently, which is especially useful during tax season.

Post by
Bryan Stouffer
Publish Date:
March 5, 2023

There are a few general reasons why a client portal might be a useful tool for accountants:

Improved efficiency: A client portal can streamline the process of exchanging documents and information between the accountant and their clients. This can save time and reduce the need for face-to-face meetings or phone calls. This is particularly beneficial when gathering and tracking source documents from many clients.

Enhanced security and privacy: A client portal can provide an additional layer of security for sensitive financial documents and information. Often accountants take for granted how sensitive financial documents are for their clients and how important it is to ensure that these are handled responsibly.

Greater convenience: A client portal can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easier for accountants and their clients to access and share documents and information on the go. With Zapa Client Portals, clients can open their portal with a password-less link on any smartphone and upload documents with their phone’s camera.

In addition to the traditional benefits of having a client portal, Zapa supports tracking tasks which helps accountants make tax season easier in a few ways:

1. Improved organization: A client portal can provide a centralized location to track and manage tasks related to tax season. This can help accountants stay organized and avoid missing important deadlines or tasks.

2. Enhanced collaboration: A client portal can facilitate communication and collaboration between accountants and their clients, making it easier to share documents and information related to tax preparation.

3. Increased efficiency: By tracking tasks in a client portal, accountants can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their workflow and take steps to improve their process. This can help reduce the time and effort required to complete tax preparation tasks.

4. Greater transparency: A client portal can provide clients with visibility into the progress of their tax preparation, which can help build trust and improve the client experience.

It's important to carefully evaluate any client portal to ensure it meets the specific needs and requirements of your accounting practice. It's also a good idea to compare different options and consider factors such as the features and functionality of the portal, the level of security and privacy it provides, and the cost and ease of use.

Bryan Stouffer is a software architect who has spent his career in the Healthcare and Legal field. His passion for software comes from his desire to see professionals accelerated by computers, not hindered.