Why Zapa is the best file sharing portal


You deserve more than just another stressful file sharing portal.

Post by
Bryan Stouffer
Publish Date:
December 3, 2020

How did Zapa become the Best?

Zapa was designed by a team of attorneys who were beyond frustrated with the File Sharing Portal software on the market today. The overwhelming desire was to create a clean and simple space for them to securely transfer files to their clients.

You deserve more than just another stressful file sharing portal. Don't be forced to choose between a solution too complex to use or one that could share private files with the world. You now have another choice with Zapa Portals. Share files instantly, simply, and securely. It feels amazing, and you can try it for free only a few clicks away.

We can live in a world without mailbox size limits, without support calls from angry customers, and without unreasonable fees.

Zapa is also designed to grow with your business, once you move beyond the 'Starter' account type you have an unlimited number of team members, no more paying per user. This encourages businesses to not be financially penalized against creating individual logins for each employee and storing clear and reliable activity audit history.

Main Features
  • Fast Portal Creation
  • Easy File Transfer
  • File Activity Email Notifications
  • Guest Permission Management
  • Rapid Vault Search Access
Bryan Stouffer is a software architect who has spent his career in the Healthcare and Legal field. His passion for software comes from his desire to see professionals accelerated by computers, not hindered.