New in Zapa Client Portals - December 2020 Release Notes

Release Notes

Zapa introduces Customizable Guest Invitation Emails, Notification to Clio Matter Email, Branded Guest Login Page, Show Deleted Files, File Comments and more.

Post by
Bryan Stouffer
Publish Date:
December 10, 2020

What's New

* 37 bugs fixed

* 5 features added

Guest Invitations: Customize your Message

Take control of your invitation emails!

With Customizable Guest Invitation Emails, you can include your company logo and custom message.

Simply visit the Settings page to customize your invitation emails. Include user and portal information with template tags.

Clio Matter Email Integration

We’ve added a brand-new email "Integration" with your favorite Law Firm Practice Management CRM systems such as Clio. To add your unique matter email address, open a portal and click the notification bell. This will send all new upload notifications to your client dashboard.

Branded Guest Login Page

Show off your company logo with the all-new Branded Guest Login Page. By uploading an image of your company logo, guests will be presented with a clean and familiar login panel showing your logo.

This helps to build guest confidence when accepting an invitation to access their Client Portal Files.

Comment on Files in your Client Portal

Make comments on files with your team and clients. Each file uploaded to a client portal now shows a “Comments” field where you can enter a note for the downloader to see.

You will be able to see comments from other users as well and can later edit your own file comments.

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