July Update - New Features!

Release Notes

For this release we wanted to add some ease of use features such as File Preview, Embeddable Link, and File Refresh

Post by
Justin Neiman
Publish Date:
November 16, 2021

What's New

* 17 bugs fixed

* 5 features added

File Preview : View your files instead of downloading them!

Zapa now offers you the ability to preview PDFs, images and video files without having to download them!

Stream your videos, view your images, and look over content in PDF files directly within your portal.

File Refresh: Ditch the refresh button.

You spoke, we listened. Many users didn't enjoy having to reload the entire page to see new files.

The portal will automatically check to see if there are new or changed files and update in real-time!

Embeddable Solution: Place Zapa directly into your own site!

Zapa is now set up for you to embed within your own website.

This will keep customers from having to navigate away, and it's a great opportunity to extend your branding!

Simply go to your settings, check off the "For Embedded Use" and copy that link into an IFrame that's it!

UTF-8 Enabled: Expanding our Reach

After being requested we made it a priority to support even more businesses.

Previously unique characters didn't get along with Zapa and prevented people from capturing names, portals, and files accurately.

With this July Update Zapa is now UTF-8 compliant.

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