Thank you for your interest in ZAPA Client Portals

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use Zapa Client Portals. A specialist will be in touch soon with more information on all these great features and more! Why wait? Book an appointment using our calendar tool right now, and we will give you a full demo at your convenience.

Automated Document Collection

Let your clients know what files you need and let us take care of the rest! With File Requests, you can organize all the files your client needs to upload for you to get started faster. Your clients can easily see the files you need, and Reminder Emails lets them know what still needs to be completed. By offering a trusted Self-Service Client Portal you can let Zapa keep your clients on task and on time.

ZAPA Self-Service Client Portals keep your clients on-track and on-time gathering the files you need in one secure place.



Britt L. Stouffer, Esq.
Managing Partner, Stouffer Legal
ZAPA has made a MAJOR impact.

We've seen a major drop in support calls from our clients asking how to upload a file or download their documents. Highly recommend!

Sarah Smith
Developer @
Build beautiful products faster.

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