How to upload files from a Camera Phone to Zapa Client Portals

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Bryan Stouffer
Publish Date:
December 3, 2020
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1. Open a Portal to upload a file to.
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2. To upload a file, either tap the middle area or tap the "Actions" dropdown menu and select "Upload Files".
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3. Choose "Photo Library" to select images from your camera roll, "Take Photo or Video" to upload from your camera, or "Browse" to upload from other apps and locations.
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4. If you tap "Take Photo or Video", center the document in front of your camera and click the "Shutter Button" in the bottom center of the screen.
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5. If you tap "Photo Library", select the image you want to upload and tap "Add".
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6. The phone will have a natural naming convention for photos that may not be helpful for you, if that happens we can rename the file.
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7. Tap the checkbox next to the new file, then tap "Actions" -> "Rename File".
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8. Type your desired filename (extension will be preserved) and tap "Confirm".
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