How-To Customize Branding on Client Portals

Brand spelled out with dice laying on a piece of wood.
Bryan Stouffer
Publish Date:
December 3, 2020
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1. Click the "Settings" link on the left-hand panel.
Step 1 How-To Illustration
2. Select the "Branding" tab.
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3. Update your business name and click "Save Business Name"
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4. Click "Browse" to select a image file for your Business Logo. This name and logo will appear on the login page when your guest logs in and will also appear in the top-left corner of the app when they access their portals. You can also customize the invitation email that is sent to your guests on this page as well.
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Bryan Stouffer is a software architect who has spent his career in the Healthcare and Legal field. His passion for software comes from his desire to see professionals accelerated by computers, not hindered.